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  1. Open a Marge Account: 
  2. Marge Starter Pack:
  3. Convert a regular MyTrade Account (or a sub-account) to a Marge Account (strictly without trading history)
  4. Marge FAQ Part 1     
  5. Marge FAQ Part 2
  6. Marge Presentation Slides
  7. MyTrade Funding Guide
  8. Link to Nuclear Online Event


Every first Wednesday of the month

Funding Cut-Off

Every 20th of the previous month


An email confirmation of successful conversion are sent every Friday

I did not receive any update about my Marge subscription, what to do?

An account is qualified to receive Marge if funded before the cut-offs. Please refer to Marge Timetable.

Mayroon akong old trading account na walang MG prefix, pwede ko rin ba itong gamitin for Marge

Yes, kung wala itong transaction history, fill-out the Marge Conversion Form: and wait for the Marge Confirmation Email.

Can I use my sub-account for Marge?

For any sub-accounts (either a sub-account of a regular trading account or a Marge Account), a conversion request is required.

Saan ko po makikita ang Non-Disclosure Agreement ng Marge?

The Marge NDA is enclosed with the Marge Playlist. You will receive Marge and NDA altogether in one email.

How would I know if I will receive Marge?

All funded MG-prefixed accounts and successfully converted non-MG-prefixed will receive Marge. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email addresses.

Kung ‘di umabot ang account activation ko sa cut-off ng Marge, pwede pa ba humabol?

Yes, ongoing pa rin ang application. Makaka-receive ng Marge playlist sa next scheduled release. See Marge Timetable.

Kailangan ko bang magkaroon ng MyTrade account para maka-avail ng Marge?

Yes, a MyTrade account with an MG prefix is identified as a Marge account. Non-MG-prefixed accounts are identified as a regular trading account.

Can I create an ITF or Joint account for Marge?

Yes. You may choose your preferred account type in the automated registration link.

Do I have to register another account for trading? Because aside from Marge, I also want to trade stocks. What’s the best way?

We recommend for you to open a separate portfolio for Marge portfolio and your regular trading portfolio. It would be better if you have separate ports for short-term trading and long-term investing.

What is the difference between Marge and a regular MyTrade account?

Marge provides a monthly trading guide for long-term investing in a separate MyTrade account.

A regular MyTrade account is used for short-term trading.

When can I fund my account?

Fund as soon as your client code becomes available. Client Codes are sent via email. If you did not receive an account activation email yet, your client code can be viewed under Equities Portfolio beside your Account Name.

You may send us a follow-up on your Client Code using this link.

Client Code Follow-Up Form:

Minimum of 8K ba dapat for Marge?

You can open for as low as P5,000. However, the details on recommended portfolio sizing will be discussed during your subscription.

How much is the minimum fund for Marge?

You may start for as low as P5,000 and top-up for as low as P1,000 per month. We will send you the ideal portfolio size as part of your subscription.

Does Marge consist of pre-selected stocks?

Yes, Marge is a list of pre-selected stocks that is being presented as a playlist. You are to follow the guide on a monthly basis. You may move your strategy from twice a month to quarterly.

Is Marge a set of stock picks by MyTrade fundamental analysis?

Yes, Marge is a monthly guide on what and when to buy/sell/hold stocks according to MyTrade’s Research Team.

Ilang stocks ang pwedeng bilhin and how long dapat mag-hold per stock?
To achieve the expected returns, ideally you should invest in all the stocks with BUY/PLAY recommendations. Hold them until the recommendation changes to SELL/STOP.

Kailan pwede mag-withdraw?

You have the liberty to withdraw if you wish to. However this investment has a time horizon of at least 5 yrs. It would be best to put extra cash only and money you won’t use as an emergency fund anytime soon.

Do I need to follow the 8k rule for Marge to trade?

Yes, in order to minimize your fees when buying and selling stocks. You can still invest following Marge while going against the 8k rule, but your costs will be higher over time if you do this often. 

How would I know If I’m subscribed to Marge?

Funded Marge accounts will receive a confirmation email. See Marge Timetable.

What is the ideal holding period of my stocks?

The holding period per stock is relative to our Research Team’s monthly recommendation but the holding period for your entire Marge account is at least 5 years.

Do I need to fund my Marge account regularly?

Yes, ideally. We will send you the ideal portfolio size as part in your Marge subscription.

Can I sell my positions even if there is no SELL instruction?
There are no restrictions but the consequences of not following Marge recommendations limits the profitability.

If I want to open a non-MARGE account, magsa-submit pa po ba ng requirements if meron na akong MARGE account?
Yes. You must undergo the same process of registering for a regular trading account. This is to ensure that every account application has corresponding verified documents attached.

Will I still receive Short Takes research even if I only have a Marge account?

Yes, all MyTrade clients have exclusive access to MyTrade PH/Abacus Securities Reports.

Marge ang account ko pero walang MG yung client code, tama ba yon?
MyTrade account without MG prefix on username can be converted to a MARGE account by filling out the Marge conversion form.

Please also note that the Client Code is a unique 8-character code assigned for each account. Only usernames can be nominated with the “MG” prefix.

I have an existing MyTrade account and then I applied for a MARGE account. Is it okay for me to transfer my available funds from my first account to my MARGE account?

Yes, we accept port to port fund transfer requests, no fees. Send an email request with the complete details of your request to


Marge Monthly Issue: Every first Wednesday of the month.

For cut-off dates, please refer to Marge Timetable

  1. Open a new account. Nominate your username starting with “MG-”. Click the link to register:
  2. Wait for your client code within 5 business days.
  3. Fund your account before the cut-off date. 
  4. Wait for Marge Subscription confirmation.
  5. Wait for the Marge Playlist and enjoy!

Converting your regular MyTrade account to a Marge Account

  1. Request for a Marge Account Conversion. Click the link to convert:
  2. Fund your account before the cut-off date.
  3. Wait for Marge Subscription confirmation.
  4. Wait for the Marge Playlist and enjoy1


Open a MyTrade Account:
MyTrade Starter Pack:
MyTrade Funding Guide:
Stock Transfer Form:

Where is MyTrade located?
We have offices in Ortigas, Binondo, Cebu, and Davao but we discourage walk-in applicants for the time being due to the health risks brought about by the pandemic.

How to know if my account is activated?
An account is activated once it has been assigned with a Client Code sent through an email.

You may send us a follow-up on your client code using this link.

Client Code Follow-Up Form:

Na-suspend po yung account ko kahit wala pang Client Code, bakit ganon?
Kung hindi pa activated ang account within 10 days upon registration, mata-tag ito as a trial account. Hence, the system temporarily suspends your access.

While waiting for your Client Code, you may send us a request to lift your temporary suspension status via MyTrade PH Official Facebook Page.

How to do stock transfer?

Remember that you need to open a MyTrade account first before you can do stock transfer.

To start the process, download this form:

Fill out and send to your broker and to

MyTrade Funding Guide:

How long will it take for my fund to reflect in my portfolio?
Refer to the image below


Nag-iinvald merchant field yung BDO Bills payment enrollment ko, bakit ganon?
The “Invalid Merchant Field” error occurs when a user tries enrolling MyTrade as biller via mobile app. In BDO, it is advised to enroll MyTrade as biller via BDO website using a PC.

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My account is suspended, what to do?

Live Chat us on or
Message your USER ID, CLIENT CODE, and ACCOUNT NAME to MyTradePH Official Facebook Page.

Is there a specific time of the day when I can transact?

The shortened trading hours is 9:30am to 1pm. MyTrade clients can still post a buy or sell order during market off-hours but it will be processed the next day.

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Do I need to be an expert to invest in the stock market?

No. Nobody started as an expert. Also, that is why our Research Team is here to guide you in your investment decisions.

Is MyTrade PH/Abacus Securities Corporation registered to regulatory bodies?

Yes. MyTrade is the online arm of Abacus Securities which is a duly registered brokerage house in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

How can I have a copy of short takes sent to my email?

First, you need to have an active and funded account with MyTrade to be a recipient of our Daily Reports. Second, you may join our exclusive FB group @TheMyTradeMAP. We post our reports there, too.

Your investing journey begins here.