MARGe is the brainchild of Traders Den PH,  an untiring advocate of FREE learnings in the Philippine stock market. Together with MyTrade PH (Abacus Securities), they sought to help every Filipino investor make the sound choice and have a better tomorrow.

Marge wants to...

Bridge the GAP

MARGe is created to bridge the gap between ordinary Filipinos who do not have enough knowledge about stock investing yet want to invest in the stock market.

Make you Profit in a Legitimate Way

With MARGe you will be able to gain profit, double, or triple your money in a legal way.

Provide FREE and Reliable Market Information

MARGe will provide every information you need for FREE. Stock picks will come from the best analyst in the market today.

Improve Your Personal Finance

MARGe is solely created to give equal opportunity to every Filipino whose goal is to better their personal finance.

How does it work?

MARGe works like a Spotify Playlists. If you subscribe, you’ll receive a playlists(stock picks) every month. This consists of a minimum of 10 stocks that MARGe recommends you to buy.


The stock passed the rigorous criteria set by the analysts and they expect it to perform well in the market.


The stock is doing well so we keep it as long as MARGe says so. We are  here for long term


Stock is starting to fall down and needed to let go to preserve the gains/profit. This will be replaced by MARGe.

MARGe’s monthly playlist will be emailed to you. Remember that the success of your investment will depend on how diligently you follow MARGe’s stock picks and guidelines. Avoid deviating from it or buying stocks that are not in the playlist. 

The playlist serves as stock picks/recommendation of Abacus Securities Corporation. The playlist is research-based and well screened by credible, seasoned and expert stock analysts in the country today.

Why subscribe to MARGe?

You are fully in control of your portfolio.

You will be the one to execute when to buy, sell or hold. Just follow MARGe’s guidelines and your portfolio is safe. The best thing about MARGe is there is no lock-up period. You can pull out your investments anytime you need or want to.

You minimize the cost of trading

One of the common mistakes of new investors is deciding to buy a stock without doing due diligence. Most of them end up losing in the stock market due to negligence. By subscribing to Marge, she will do the due diligence for you and save you from the cost of buying a losing stock. Marge will guide you all the way.

20 year track record says it all

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How does it differ from other investment schemes?


VUL is insurance + investments commonly offered by insurance companies. This have a lot of undisclosed charges from the insurance agents, management and the fund manager who will manage your investment side of things which leads to very little return on your money. On the other hand, by subscribing to MARGe, you will be directly trading the stocks in the market. You’ll know where your money goes and can easily be withdrawable in case of emergencies. VUL’s have had a few fair share of problems in regards to claiming the insurance whenever happens to the insured.

MARGe vs. Mutual Fund

Mutual funds give small or individual investors access to professionally managed portfolios of equities, bonds, and other securities. You get to invest your money in the stock market through a fund manager. Thus, you are paying a portion of your investments to the fund manager. There is also a lock-up period where premature pulling out of investments will cost you fees.
With Marge, you can invest in the stock market without paying fund manager’s fee. MARGE will be your fund manager for FREE. There is no lock up period, You can withdraw your money whenever you want or need it.

MARGe vs. Pag-ibig MP2

Pag-ibig MP2 is a low-risk, low return investment. MARGe is high return investment with managed risk.


GSIS and SSS are intended for retirement. Funds are withdrawn in a form of loan which you will be forced to pay with corresponding interest. With Marge, you will receive a promising return of investment and you are in full control whether when to add or pull out your investments.

MARGe vs. Bank Savings

Making your money sleep in the bank is not a wise financial decision. Banks’ interest rate is very low and with inflation, your money’s purchasing power diminishes over time. MARGe can beat inflation by making your money work for you through stock investing.

MARGe vs. Truly Rich Club

MARGe is FREE. In TRC you have a subscription fee of almost 600/month or almost 7,200 per year.

Why NOW is the best time to invest?

The 2020 pandemic has caused  a significant drop to the stock prices of the listed companies. Buying stocks in this season means buying on SALE stocks. When the economy recovers again, stock prices will recover 3 to 5 years from now. With the reliable stock picks of Abacus, NOW is the best time to invest.

2008 Market Crash - Jolibee Foods Corporation(JFC)

Where we are right now? Pandemic is already under control, businesses are now opening again, lockdown measures are easing. We are now in the midst of recovery and it is now manifesting in the stock market trend. 

This timing can’t get any better so don’t get left behind. 

This is FREE just to say again. Trustworthy stock recommendations from the best analysts in the country, no subscription fee, no hidden charges – pure willingness to help back to Filipino investors. Just open a MyTrade PH account and we’ll help you in your stock trading/investing journey.

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