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Traders Den PH & MyTrade PH

The author of this product is a full time stock trader and an advocate of free learning of stock trading in the Philippine stock market. She founded Traders Lounge PH and later rebranded as Traders Den PH that aims to help aspiring traders learn stock trading for free. She and her group extends genuine help to traders and envision to transform the stock trading scene where stock hyping, scams, and, fake gurus are gone.

Moreover, the founder sought ways to help Filipinos, especially OFWs, who want to earn passive income without too much exposure from the risk of stock trading.

MARGe was conceptualized  to help those who do not have the luxury of time to learn stock trading yet want to earn through stock investing. MARGe will serve as a guide to every Filipino joining the world of stock investing.

MARGe subscription is FREE so that other investment schemes with similar systems could end. When that happens, upcoming investors/traders would have lower their chances of coming across scams. And, it could pave the way for a better stock trading/investing environment.

Who's going to recommend the stock?

Who’s going to recommend the stocks?

Is he or are they good?

What are their credentials?

These might be some of your questions. With how many different scams, hyping, fake gurus giving stock recommendations going around – it became the norm. MARGe wants to change the game, this will be the safe haven for new investors looking to jump into the stock market.

We are very proud to say that MARGe would be headed by one of the most reputable personalities in the financial industry and be accessed through the most advanced online brokerage platform in the country today. 

Raymond Neil "Nicky" Franco

There are a lot of faces in the stock market today focusing on different things. Most are professionals who concentrate on different aspects of the industry. Some give investment advice while others interpret price movements through technical analysis. A few, sad to say, create or spread rumors that send newbies in the wrong direction, resulting in the loss of hard earned money in the process. These tricky traps in the market can be harmful to investors’ trading experience and financial security. This is the main reason that reliable research is a crucial cornerstone for successful investing and MyTrade PH has it in Nicky Franco.

Raymond Neil “Nicky” Franco is a Certified Public Accountant and was among the first few Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) in the country, receiving the designation in 2000. He is the Head of Research of Abacus Securities and concurrently the director of its online trading arm, MyTrade PH. 

Most, if not all, market participants have heard of Forbes magazine. Back in 2006, when some popular names today were still starting the ropes, Nicky Franco was already recognized by the magazine as one of Asia’s 10 Best Stock Pickers, ranking at top 5. He was the ONLY Filipino on the list, compiling an excess return (alpha) of 40%. 

Forbes based its awards on research and analysis done by Starmine which pored over stock recommendations and earning estimates from each of 1,700 analysts tabulated at the time by Thomson Financial. Analysts’ stock picks were compared against industry and country benchmarks to determine alpha.

Isn’t that Filipino pride? Since the market was still coming off post-EDSA 2 lows and social media was not as pervasive and powerful as it is now, only a few became aware of Nicky’s accomplishment. His best pick was Philex Mining which rose 287% during the review period. Another great recommendation came in the form of then call center operator Paxys which gained 114% from September 2005 to June 2006. Needless to say, innovative analysis and a thorough understanding of financial landscape offers an indispensable edge to those who play their cards right.

Nicky's Top Picks for the last 6 years.

The chart shows that Nicky’s recommendations have generally beaten the market by a wide margin. In fast, his annual list of top picks have a cumulative return of +61% using simple averages, and an even better +95% based on weighted average returns. Both handily beat the PSEi’s +34% gain during the period. For newbies out there, this only means that your portfolio would have grown two to three times more compared to an index fund from 2013 to present.

He didn’t stop there. Nicky was a bull from 2011 to 2015, punctuated by one of the earliest calls that the Philippines would be promoted to investment grade which it did in 2013. However, anyone can make money in a rising market. As the saying goes, “a rising tide lifts all the boats”. Let’s take a look at Nicky’s stock picks in the past five and a half years. The PSE index, during this time, has been relatively flat with a compounded annual return of only 3.9%. In fact, many mutual funds are now sitting on losses based on their 5-year performances. These are the times when a stock picker can really add value to clients.

Aside Nicky, MyTrade PH(Abacus) also have a team of fundamental and technical analysts. Some of them have Masters degree in Economics and some have a level 2 and 3 Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA) certification. With their combined experience, knowledge, and commitment to help Filipinos, you can rest assure that the stocks that they will recommend would have a good chance to perform well in the market.

About Abacus Securities and MyTrade PH

Abacus have been the home of Nicky for almost 24 years. Since then, Abacus have been one of the leading stock brokerage in the Philippines. It consistently ranked among the top ten broker houses and most renowned for four things: stability, expertise, professionalism, and customer care.  Abacus provides its clients with sound investment advisory from its strong Research, Institutional, and Retail Sales Teams; real-time market information; professional and excellent customer service.

In 2017, Abacus Securities Corporation opened MyTrade PH, an online stock trading platform led by none other than Sir Nicky. Even then, it offers the most advanced platform at the time and with constant improvement in the system. Over the years, it is now the most advance online stock brokerage in the Philippines offering the most reliable service. Their platform can be accessed through multiple devices for seamless and uninterrupted trading experience.

MyTrade PH’s platform is backed by robust infrastructure, incisive analysis and unparalleled customer service. It also boast putting out credible, relevant and ahead-of-the-curve research that gets you ready for the trading day and helps you reach your long term goal.

How good is MyTrade PH(Abacus)?

From 2002 – 2019, Abacus’ Top Picks had been consistently on the rise. Their cumulative Price Performance over the years proves that their strong research and market knowledge have been constantly giving them an edge over the competitors. Even the 2008 market crash(where most of the market are down), Abacus still got positive performance due to their good investment positioning from previous years. After the crash, Abacus saw tremendous growth and got an average of CAGr of 20. 9% where as the Philippine Stock Exchange Index only got 11.2%.

If we put it into perspective. How huge 20.9% of CAGr would look like? See the graph below:

With this, we are very confident that the stock recommendations of MARGe would come from credible and reliable hands. Your only job is to follow, execute, and stick to it – but remember, YOU are in CONTROL.

Our goal is to help you make the sound choice and better your tomorrow.

-Paul Soo, President of Abacus Securities

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